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Prior to Katy’s first Nia class in 2003 she had not even heard of Nia, but was in love by the end of her first experience.  In June 2004, Katy attended the Nia White Belt training in Baton Rouge, LA with Helen Terry.  In May 2006, Katy received her Blue Belt in Nia from Carlos Rosas in Chicago, IL.  In June 2008, Katy received her Brown Belt in Nia from Carlos & Debbie Rosas in Portland, OR.  In 2009, while pregnant with her son Gage, Katy received her Green Belt in Nia from Carlos Rosas in San Antonio.  In 2010, Katy received her Black Belt in Nia from Carlos AyaRosas and Debbie Rosas Stewart in Portland, OR.  In 2015, Katy audited her Brown Belt with Helen Terry at Soma Ranch in Montgomery, TX.  Nia is an incredible outlet for all of her passions and has truly taught her the “body’s way” of moving.  Katy’s practice has improved her health, strength, communication skills, and overall well-being.  Find out more on her Nia profile.