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Yoga Therapy

Katy received her BA in Liberal Arts focusing on education and psychology from Pepperdine University.  She received her Masters in Special Education from Texas Christian University.  In yoga therapy sessions, she blends all of her traditional education with her yoga and Nia training for unique spirit-led sessions that integrate talk therapy, myofascial release, asana, art, movement, mindfulness, meditation, breathing practices, and more.  Katy works in traditional yoga studios as well as in several schools in Fort Worth.  She works with adults and children of all ages including those with learning differences and disabilities.

Yoga therapy aims to integrate body, mind, emotions, and spirit through an individualized approach that reclaims the one-on-one yogic tradition.  The philosophy behind yoga therapy is that the fascia that encases the body has memory cells and that any trauma, injury, or extreme emotional experience is stored in our body.  The body remembers and the body cannot lie.  Through the use of talk therapy, yoga poses, myofascial release, mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques and more we aim to integrate and embody the past in order to more fully live in the present. Yoga therapy can be practiced by anyone, at any stage of life, with any range of movement, in any health condition.